Mindful Parenting

Author: Dr Sahithyaa

Mindfulness is a state of being in which one is fully aware of what is happening NOW and how it makes them feel in the moment.

If the “MIND” could speak, then perhaps it would define the world around us today as “Information Overload”. People today want to know everything, and they get to know everything thanks to information technology. And if you are a parent, it certainly adds a lot to this overload.

Raising a child can be life’s most fulfilling as well as most challenging responsibility, especially in today’s world. It is so easy for parents to get caught up in their scenarios, distractions and deadlines and lose sight of the valuable moments they have with their kids. And why not!! After all, their “minds” are so “full” all the time (Pun Intended!!!).

Mindful parenting encourages parents to be fully aware and present when they are engaged with their little ones. It aims to build a healthy frame of mind for the parents so they can bring cooperation, understanding and respect in their relationship with their children. Mindful parenting can bring out more trust, better communication, and reduced anxiety, thereby affecting the child and your relationship with the child positively. If practised with dedication, you can expect not only better behaviour but also improved academic performance from your children with permanent effect.

Some easy ways to practice Mindful Parenting today:

Stop multi-tasking: When you are with your children, be with them only. Start small. Initially, set 15 minutes in which you will consciously try to keep your focus on your interaction with them. No phone, No TV, and No distraction at that time. You can gradually increase the time.

Don’t just hear them, LISTEN: When they are saying something, try to listen with focus. Try to respond with awareness, kindness and empathy rather than just reacting subconsciously.

Be patient and loving: Remember parenting is not a temporary job. It is a full-time commitment. Acknowledge this fact and honor it with your patience and polite persistence. The quicker you realize this, the easier your inner resistance will break. 

Set healthy boundaries: As important as it is to love and pamper your kids, setting rules and boundaries for them is also critical. It will help you exercise healthy control over them while they are growing up. It also makes them feel safe in the whole scenario. 

Work on yourself: This is the most important of all. Your children are somewhere a reflection of who you are as an individual. They learn from watching you. If you display a disturbing behavior or habit, be sure it will be picked up by your child in some form sooner or later. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to consciously work on your subconscious mind; unhealed traumas, limiting belief systems, and unhealthy patterns keep popping up now and make you display unhealthy behaviors in real-life scenarios. Reach out to an expert to get rid of them and improve the quality of your belief system.

Being a parent is the most exalted form of creativity a human being can offer to the world. Cherish it, nourish it and celebrate it with mindful parenting.