Author: Dr Divya Kumar

Great Job Mom, I turned awesome. Yes, It’s Mother’s day!!! The day we honour and articulate our love and respect to our mom’s for the multiple roles she plays as a mother, wife and a loving grandmother. We have learned so much from her – the importance of home, history, family and tradition. Her world was just a four walls and swayed her life providing emotional support for her family. She did a complete job of taking care of all the needs of her loved ones but was not recognised nor appreciated. Often, she was emotionally low thinking this is every girl plight.

The Dawn of Millennials’ – Working Mothers

In the age of millennials, the traditional roles of mothers as homemakers are redefined. It is now coupled with achievements outside the home too. Thanks to the awareness and the values embedded in the minds of the family on educating a girl child. India has the largest number of professionally competent women. This includes female workers at all levels of skills – scientist, surgeons, entrepreneurs, journalists and pilots. There has been a steady increase in working mothers. It has paved way for well-educated and inspirational moms to the next generation.  Mommies have turned “Super Mom”. They are successful as working professionally in the diverse profession. She handles a child back home along researching about her presentation, replying to urgent emails, checking her kid’s homework and also pouring herself a cup of green tea – all at once!

Myths of working mothers

Working mothers have to balance the twin challenges of home and work. Especially, second career women wrestle their guilt of neglecting their child – whether stay home with the child or leave in the care of another? It has been learnt that even though working mothers less time is spent, no child is deprived of the love and care. It is the quality of time spent with the child by the mother is imperative. The findings will be a blessing to all mommies who had chosen to work and say it aloud “Yes, I can certainly possible be both a good mother and competent professional”.

Working mothers – A perfect role model for the kids

Riya, an IT professional is a mother of a six-year-old. After a brief maternity career break, she returned to work. Initially, she faced the challenges of the second career. In due course of time, Riya learned to prioritise rather than choose between family and work. A working mother’s life is all about balancing many balls at a time without slipping a single one. Now, Riya manages effectively her family and work also embraced enormous changes in her life. In addition to the financial gains, she demonstrates the characteristics of an industrious person, maturity, intelligence full of self-confidence, decision-making skills and accountability.

Why are working mothers’ better mom?

  • A balanced, happy and productive woman will be a better mother. It is noted that children acquire morals, values, habits, lifestyle on the way they view or identify with their mothers. Harvard business school study suggests that women who grew up to become working moms
  • Working mothers have a strong and a positive impact on the social, emotional and the behavioural development of their children. Professors from Harvard University studied data from 24 countries reveals that working mothers are positive role models for their children as they help them ‘thrive’ a better career, higher pay and an equal relationship than those raised by stay-at-home mothers.
  • US researchers Rachel G. Lucas-Thompson, Wendy A Goldberg and JoAnn Prause study conducted over five decades observed that children of working moms were found to be high achievers and less prone to depression and anxiety. The children are exposed to the better environment and stay focus in their education. Many kids take up sports like cricket, tennis, badminton as it enables them to utilise their leisure time effectively.
  • The boys of working mothers showed better social and personal skills – Harvard University study. Working mothers treat and infuse in the minds of their boys that men and women are equal. Gender parity is curtailed right at the home itself. This practice eventually bridges the gender inequalities at the workplace.
  • Children of working mothers are independent and self-reliance. From a very young age, they are left to take care of themselves in the absence of their parents. They are matured to handle any situations as children learn skills faster resulting in becoming a responsible

Working mothers strikes a spot-on balance between her commitment to the profession as well family and the best trainer and guide for their children. The child is conditioned at a very young age as he or she is imperilled to this set-up. The influence of this conditioning inspire the children to reach higher and further in building better lives as mothers hold their children’s hand for a short while, but their hearts forever. Happy Mother’s Day!!!