Vision Board: How to create one to realise your goals

Author: Sumona Chetia

Dreams do turn into reality!

Not magically but with hard work, manifestation and vision.

A dream aligned with your future goals and purpose in life will only take shape if your vision is intentional.

Intentional visioning involves playing with our brains to invoke creativity and imagination. Painting a picture of how our future self can be different from our present self forms the basis of visioning.

What are vision boards?

As the name suggests, vision boards are visual representations of the goals and dreams that you are trying to accomplish. It is a tangible form of securing our visions, be it personal or professional goals.

Vision boards can be collages of words, pictures, and quotes that drive you to stay intent on your goal. They can be physical or digital. . Place the vision board where you can see it often

How can vision boards help in creating an intentional vision?

1) They are a reminder of your intentions and shape your thoughts and actions.

2) They offer a clear direction to where your path lies ahead.

3) They are visual reminders of what your priorities are.

4) They can serve as a nudge in your decision-making process.

5) They are the repository of all the goals that align with your life values.

How to create a vision board – Physical?


  • Gather the materials (whiteboards/magnetic boards/or any other available board)
  • Collect your thoughts
  • Take time to clarify your vision
  • Source items that represent your vision (can be cut-outs from old magazines/postcards/online images/souvenirs/nature/fabric etc.)


  • Arrange the materials in a layout, that will inspire you
  • Add pictures/images that make you feel a certain way about your life plans
  • Attach items that remind you of your goals

How to create a vision board – Digital?


  • Gather the materials (Digital gadget/online templates like Canva or Pinterest)
  • Source images/quotes


  • Match fonts to the message behind your vision board
  • Add colors to your vision
  • Add icons to enhance your ideas

In both cases, place your vision board (you can take a printout of the digital vision board) right where you can see it. Treat it as your self-care routine. Make sure to take time every morning before you start the day and every night before you end the day to savour your life goals and career aspirations laid out on the vision board.

You are always growing as a person. So it is important that you keep refreshing your newfound goals and visions on the vision board.

P.S – Don’t miss out on striking out the goals you achieve over time. Best wishes!