Yoga: Your Ultimate Friend for Life’s Journey

Author: Shrisubhalakshmi M

William Shakespeare once said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow.” But have you ever considered building a friendship with non-human things? What if I told you that yoga could be the best friend you have always wanted and would ever need? In this article, let’s explore why and how you befriend yoga and forge a rewarding and transformative relationship.

● A True Companion: Yoga is like that cherished friend you love spending time with and who makes you feel great about yourself. Through āsana and Prāṇāyāma, yoga helps us break down physical and mental barriers, enabling us to perform better in our daily tasks. Those challenging moments when we strive to hold a pose still while our bodies want to give up become the building blocks of the strength and mental resilience we need to face life’s challenges. Yoga teaches us stability, allowing us to view moments of success and failure, happiness and sorrow, with the same sense of equanimity, seeking deeper meaning in our experiences.

● A Must-Have Mirror in Your Life: Yoga is the friend who doesn’t sugarcoat uncomfortable truths but empowers you to see things clearly as they are. The best part is that you will be equipped to deal with these truths. With regular practice, simply by consciously observing the spaces between movements and breaths, we can step out of autopilot mode, learning to slow down in life, pause, become aware, and respond to situations and people in a way that aligns with our true selves. Allowing the breath to flow in sync with our movements helps us navigate life’s twists and turns.

● A Trustworthy Therapist: The effects of yoga extend beyond the mat and shape the way we perceive the world. When we commit to a disciplined and consistent yoga practice, we gain clarity in our thoughts and actions, becoming more self-aware. Research reveals the intricate connection between body and mind, highlighting how physical postures and mindful breathwork impact mental flexibility, fostering a sense of surrender, humility, and confidence. Yoga also engages the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and enhancing our ability to handle stressful situations.

● A Genuine Cheerleader: Practicing yoga opens our eyes to a new perspective on life, expanding our horizons and enabling us to savour every step of the journey- without branding them good or bad. Contrary to popular belief, yoga empowers the practitioner to lead a 

vibrant life contributing to growth while maintaining control without becoming overly attached to outcomes.

Like any relationship, the practice of yoga requires commitment. Like how you become friends based on similar likes and interests, engage and connect with the aspects of yoga that resonate with you the most! It is key to nurturing a long-lasting friendship that helps us break barriers, face truths with courage, find mental clarity, and discover a deeper understanding of life. Let’s embark on the transformative life journey with yoga together!

*The author is a yoga educator and a digital marketing student during the day. Her passion for wellness and a healthy lifestyle led her to learn classical yogic practices at a young age. She has completed her yoga studies at KYM, Chennai, and Indea Yoga, Mysore.*