5 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

The process of jumping into the job market in search of the job of your choice can be challenging and daunting to a certain degree. And submitting your resume over and over again may or may not deliver the wanted results.

So how can you make the most of your job search and land the job you want?

Here are 5 effective habits of successful job seekers:

  1. Begin with the end in mind

Your end motive is employability. But not just any kind of job. Lay your roadmap to reach the destination by asking yourself what exactly is your ideal job, the company culture that you know will help you thrive, your long-term expectations, etc. Setting up an action plan based on these initial thoughts will offer clarity in the visualization of your end goal.

  1. Make updating resume a habit

Updating your resume is the most basic effort for a successful job search, but the trick lies in tailoring your resume for specific employers. Make a long list of your skills. The listing habit will aid in strategically sorting out the relevant skills as required by the industry you wish to apply to. Keep your resume content and structure up to date with the needs of the market.

  1. Network, network, and network

Active professional networking is vital to career growth. Your connections can be sources of new opportunities, career advancement, perspectives, and ideas to help you in your job search. Being visible and active in your professional network can land you with the chance to aim for possible job openings or even a referral.

  1. Schedule your search

Plan and prioritize!

Schedule a time backed by a research plan before sitting down to surf through job boards. Time spent doesn’t matter if that period isn’t utilized effectively. In the planned time slot research hiring companies, vacant roles and contact hiring managers. In the next slot, you can focus on customizing your resume. Likewise, the next slot can be kept open for another career related task.

  1. Track your efforts

You can use a spreadsheet or an excel to organize the companies you have applied to. If your job search process is ongoing for more than a month, it’s evident that your applications are piling up. Hence, it’s important to monitor your every effort. This will help you in minimizing the mental overload of keeping track of all your job search activities.

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