Boredom is a reason to learn and grow

Author: Janani Sampath

Boredom or a lack of interest in life can be due to several factors. But how many of us know we are bored? Boredom is misunderstood as not wanting to do anything. Often it is because you are doing the same things in auto-pilot mode, without twists or turns.

Most often, women get bored because they have a schedule that is just tiring. From cooking, cleaning to possibly child care, and if working, handling all the 3Cs before office and after office— the cycle repeats. Predictability can make anyone lose interest. Moving out of it encompasses the opportunities to learn, develop skills, and improve yourself.

Studies say that boredom can adversely affect women’s mental health, and the findings necessitate the above efforts.

Here are some ways:

Take up a challenge: Is there a task or skill you have always wanted to pursue for a while but have been putting it off citing lack of time in this routine? Go back to it and set a goal around it. Make it a long-term one around your career, skills, etc.

Learn a new language: Languages are fascinating, and more so if they are new. Pick one you might want to learn and start a course on it. It will keep you glued and excited about the learnings every day.

Plan a trip: We underestimate the importance of travel. Travel is not just about the mode of transport, the food, or the culture in a glamorous destination; it could be a town or city nearby. Travels to anywhere can offer you a new perspective on life. 

Invest in self: Introspect hard and find out if there is something you have wanted to change about yourself. It could be waking up earlier, controlling your anger, or being more social. Look at ways to do it. You will be excited to see how much you have been closer to it every day.

Remember that duties, tasks, and responsibilities do not change. However, drudgery can wane your energy and interest in them. The solutions above offer a breath of fresh air and the energy to go back to them with renewed vigor.