# I Am ~ Figuring things out in your 20’s

Author: Harrinei Kumaravel

20’s are the hardest of scapes to navigate. They are happy and fun, while equally confusing. Fresh out of college, one is quick to realize that not only has the game changed but there are no rules to play by as well.

The scenarios are often conflicting pairs. Independence and financial prowess butt heads. Your dreams and career realities are dead-locked. Your social lives and relationships often disagree with ‘sacrifice for success’ ideals. Amidst this mess, how does one figure out oneself? A strong, resounding # I Am takes work. But good thing you have got a great boss- you.

Here are a couple of pointers that should help you figure things out-

Risky Roads hold the best views:

There is almost nothing you can mess up in your 20’s that you can’t fix in your 30’s. Reckless as the advice might be, it is fool-proof. You are just young enough to be bold and old enough to have your back.

If you have a dream and don’t have a practical image of it, do anything that gets you closer to it. Try jobs, switch jobs, drop jobs. Know that these are ventures that help you get where you want and not mindlessness. You will know when what you do feels right.

While you go about taking risks, make sure you know the risk better than anyone else. Read up, listen to leaders, and explore. It never hurts to know more. The more you know your risk, the safer you will feel taking it.

Rock Bottoms make great trampolines:

We talk about people smashing glass roofs when they are 21 and not as much about the ones who hit rock bottom. It isn’t a pretty place but it is a good place to begin again as you can’t crash any further.

Look at it like this- While it seems like people are having fun, they are all traversing varied levels of rock-bottoms (another reason why kindness is always a good idea).

As annoying as it is to hear, these help you eliminate the qualities you no longer want as a part of you. Elimination is the surest way to a strong # I Am.

Stereotypes don’t work:

Stereotypes are simply outdated filing systems that don’t work anymore. Humans cannot be filed, so stop trying to fit into what is expected of you. Your timeline is different. Don’t let your school bud’s success bog you down.

Careers mature differently, people progress differently. You might work an entry-level job, that isn’t a marker of pride. Remember that you work in a world where somewhere a mother holds 3 jobs to make ends meet. We all travel with different purposes towards different points, quit comparison.

# I Am is as beautifully unique as you.

# I Am is powerful:

You might hail from a diverse background. Your childhood might have been unconventional, you probably never had a chance to be at college or you never had a set of good friends. Do not try to hide these facts or purge them from your identity profile.

Your circumstances lend you an understanding that is so characteristic of your own shoes. They are as unique as your freckles. Imbibe them into your way of doing things, you will be impressed at the difference they make. Nothing helps shape a strong # I Am as a personal input.

In the end, it is how you look at your 20’s. Remember, it is you that keeps you company as you sleep. Your favorite songs from back in school, your dearest aspirations for the future, and a rife heart beating. As Sylvia Plath put it,

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”