Key attributes of career success: From Women who made it to the top

Author: Athira Premarajan

Career success is a subjective concept. We tend to define it in different formats, for each of our goals is specific and unique. If career success is climbing up the leadership position for one, it can be a complete career transformation to embarking on an entrepreneurial journey to another. Whatever be it, the process is simple – to stay focused on one’s career journey and achieve their respective goals. Every day we see SM updates, podcasts, and newspaper supplements bragging about the remarkable success of influential leaders or entrepreneurs who have made it to the top. As charming as it is to see their dashing photos printed in the business column, our often-envious eyes scan through the section about their career journey, their starting point, their survival code, and the like. On a positive note, it reflects our ambition – to become something, to be an achiever like them someday. Now, what is it that these successful few do differently from a commoner? Handpicked below are some of the secret tips from a few successful women, all inspirational figures from India.

#1 Intentional Warriors:

Being a game-changer fashion industry icon, Nykaa today is a singular brand that has laid its strong identity in the market. Falguni Nayar, the Founder and CEO of Nykaa, tells the story of an intentional entrepreneur who decided to take a plunge into the beauty market from the life of an investment banker not just with passion but a guided strong business model. Her intentionality helped her create a scalable and reliable business model that impressed investors helping Nykaa engrave its mark in one of the most competitive industries in the world – fashion and beauty.

#2 Resilience Holders:

Suchi Mukherjee, Founder and CEO of Limeroad, came up with the idea of a social retail market while she was expecting her second child. A resident of London, she moved back to India to pursue her passion and make it a reality. The sacrifices she had to make along with initial business challenges, were to see her children and husband once a month. Yet, her resilience today has brought about success in revenue reporting to be 426 million, with 50,000+ strong empowered women community contributing to the Indian economy.

#3 Relationship Investors:

Aruna Jayanthi, Managing Director of Capgemini’s Asia Pacific and Latin America business unit, stresses the value of relationships as she considers that’s the one thing that has helped her navigate her leadership journey during the pandemic, leading people across countries and continents. Her life lesson is to discover the value of relationships as all other factors is temporary, but relationships help during better as well as bitter times.

#4 Able Reformers:

Living in the Indian social fabric and performing reformatory actions take courage and capability. Aditi Gupta, Author and Co-founder of Menstrupedia, made her dream venture from her own experience of facing taboo and resistance around the topic of menstruation. On her mission to educate young girls who face the same issues she experienced, Gupta curated the acclaimed comic book guide – Menstupedia. The book, translated into 16 languages, has collaborated with business giants Whisper India and Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Recognizing her noble efforts as a young entrepreneur, she was listed in the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list.