Skills – Don’t forget the kid in you!

Author: Brindasri Thangavelu

Even just being human requires expertise. Many of us do not naturally possess it. We frequently lose sight of the fundamental human traits in today’s fast-paced world, where technology, especially artificial intelligence, rules everything. We speak to our mobile phones before we go to sleep and when we wake up, and a bot answers! Previously, we hardly ever saw 10% of the population using a mobile phone, but this has changed in the present.

We neglect to be empathetic, to care for our parents, to spend time with our children, and to look after our own health. When was the last time you or I got out of our vehicle to assist someone who had just been in an accident or was lost? On a more general point, let’s look at other populations to see what skills we might learn from them

Kids – Being willing to talk to their parents about anything and everything. If my 5-year-old wants to talk to me about anything, she needs my undivided attention. They look to their parents for that kind of respect and trust. They are open and sincere, and when they communicate their emotions, they do it in a way that makes it simple for us to relate. When they say things like “I’m sad,” “I’m happy,” or “I’m angry,” it helps us to understand how they feel when we reacted to their behavior. Children are eager to learn from us and ask questions.

Parents – Our parents have twice the experience as us as we get older. People working in large corporations attend mentoring sessions with outstanding leaders, network outside of their company, and spend time conversing with supposedly stalwarts. Think back on how much time you and your parents have spent together, as they can teach you the life lessons that neither your schools, universities, nor even your employer can teach you. While we shadow CEOs, CTOs, and others, how many of us have followed our parents to learn how to interact and live in this society?

Common man – Attempt to get an auto ride without using Ola or Uber. They will teach you the bargaining techniques. We enroll in classes on negotiating strategies and techniques on platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn, and Udemy, but the actual learning comes from dealing with business owners, whether they are cab drivers, street vendors, or other types of entrepreneurs.

To succeed in life, a woman needs a solid education, grit, and a supportive life partner. Even if she doesn’t have everything, she will still be able to succeed if at least one of the three is with her. To succeed in life, everyone possesses the necessary qualities since childhood. The skills and habits they have gradually acquired from the outside world which are hindering their growth must be unlearned. If they can recognize and capitalize on their greatest assets, they will succeed in life. More importantly, if everyone interacts with people regularly (80% of the time), especially when it comes to communication, they will all become better people and succeed both personally and professionally.