Start Amazing Yourself

Author: Dr Divya Kumar

After a long weekend, completely rejuvenated, I started work at my office desk. I came across an interesting study that revealed that ‘girls view themselves as inherently less talented than boys as early as six years old.’ It was a surprising piece of information for me. In our society, internalizing stereotypes begins at a very early age! It prompted me to introspect the domino effect of women in the workplace. Indeed, these attitudes often deprive women of the chance to take on challenges, or even apply for a job. It calls for a change among women to realize they deserve better.

I suddenly remembered Nita my college mate, successful marketing personnel, who faced a similar situation. She began thinking about coming back to work and approached people about jobs. However, she was apprehensive and sceptical. “Am I still good at my job, can I still do this?” The issues Nita faced cannot be ignored, as they have to deal not only with their own emotions but also with bias. So, it’s the confidence that most women fail to gather.

Women re-enter workplaces after a break – childbirth, elder care, redundancy or end of the contract, relocation of a partner is filled with apathy and pessimism. She battles every attempt to establish her independence. Especially women returning to work after maternity break is emotionally taxed. She is towed from separation anxiety to working mom’s guilt. Lack of sleep, stress and exhaustion will make her feel foggy and eventually in their mid-30 they are hormonally plagued – feeling bloated, looking pale, sad hair and swollen. Usually, those are the days women fondle that the world is against them and lack confidence. It is because she fails to scrutinize herself in the mirror every morning, blindfolded and convinced by the fact – I am not a celebrity. As the age increases, their levels of dissatisfaction as well soar.

The minute a woman decides to return to work she has to aid some practical tools to support her physically, emotionally and in career development. Foremost, override all your physical issues. As our feelings are the product of our perception. If you feel you are too aggressive, try using up your aggression by joining a yoga, gym, aerobics, Zumba or even a good walk will be working out. A solid one-hour workout sets the stage for the day. Through this, you become physically fit and also learn how to calm down when you feel about anger coming on, mindlessly your emotionally resilient. In focusing on career development, she should be passionate about what she does, prepared to work hard, acquire skills and keep updating one’s knowledge. Nothing will craft you more positive about yourself than educating and acquiring something new-fangled. The rush of this energy will make you feel energized and stronger. There are dozens of free highly accredited classes online you could take on to learn your new skills. Also, look into the areas in which coaches could help you to progress. It can be done by providing sounding ideas, networking, and focusing on what is important.

No one can motivate you until you motivate yourself. Build your confidence as it is essential for a better life – age is not an affair. The happiest people do not have the best of everything rather they make the best of everything. So, your new mantra will be “I’m feeling great, rested and ready”.