The ABC of Career Transition

A career transition is an exciting decision that you make in an effort to climb up the ladder of your professional growth. But the process can be intimidating, and at times, disruptive.

To redefine your professional self in a completely different domain can be fear-inducing. But you can overcome the fear of career change by following the initial ABC steps of career transition.

A –  Ask

Ask why you are changing careers?

Paint a mental picture of you in your previous career versus you at your new career prospect. Ask what is it that’s driving you to make the change.

B – Believe

Once you have made up your mind, eliminate self-limiting beliefs and trust your capabilities. Believe that change is possible.

C – Create

Create a smooth transition plan once you are confident of making the big pivot. Ensure that your new area of interest is also realistically in alignment with your existing responsibilities.

It can be a new job in your same field or a new career in a new industry – a change is a change. And it can be a good thing if you are willing to make it happen. All you need is to set your ABCs right on priority before moving on to the DEFs… of a career transition.