Author: Dr. Agalya

Women are regarded as an embodiment of nature; they are sometimes unfairly criticized and taken for granted. Despite significant strides in the X-generation society, women still face undue criticism. While we proudly acknowledge women’s leadership across various domains, it’s unfortunate that finger-pointing towards women persists.

Women possess an innate strength, and their emotional depth is a testament to their natural abilities. Unfortunately, society has sometimes taken for granted clichéd phrases about what is “natural” for women. In reality, a woman’s character is complex and multifaceted. Women exhibit a range of qualities both positive and challenging, including tenderness, goodness, and, yes, even moments of frustration.

Judging someone solely based on their character is a mistake. In our Indian society, the institution of marriage has historically played a significant role in defining a woman’s qualities and character. However, women in this century have set new benchmarks in defining who they truly are.

When I decided to make choices that were best for my future, I encountered judgments and misconceptions from those around me. It was at that moment I started contemplating the concept of “women’s nature.” Living a life that prioritizes one’s well-being is essential. Just as a tree needs sunlight, water, and air to grow, a woman thrives with the support of her family and relationships. Like a tree’s roots, she can grow stronger with the support of her loved ones. I experienced this firsthand when I decided to become independent eight years ago.

Nature is always willing to provide for humans unless it is exploited. The same can be said for women. When a woman feels safe and supported, she becomes a vital force for those around her. Women and nature are deeply connected. To put it simply, women possess the E3 qualities: Endurance, Empathy, and Energy.

Endurance is a remarkable quality, enabling women to weather life’s challenges and turn adversity into opportunities. Just as women endure the pain of childbirth, they also bear the mental and emotional weight of societal expectations. Empathy comes naturally to women, making them effective leaders who understand and relate to people’s situations. This expectation of empathy extends to their relationships as they seek mutual understanding.

Energy, the third attribute, empowers women to rebound from setbacks and negative thoughts quickly. The highs and lows in their lives build their resilience and inner strength.

We have only one life, and it’s essential to care for ourselves and the environment around us. Let us come together and prioritize happiness in all aspects of our lives. After all, we have only one life to live, so let us celebrate it and find joy in every possible way.