DigiPivot |

Empowered by Google in association with Avtar and ISB

Google and Avtar undertook a research study to establish the impact of upskilling in increasing the talent pool of women who are capable of pivoting their careers into new domains, consequently growing into leadership.

The research study was carried out as a controlled sample study on the alumni of DigiPivot 2020 – a longitudinal skilling program hosted by Google in association with Avtar and Indian School of Business that was aimed at building digital marketing skill set for women professionals in India.

This white-paper features the research highlights, along the impact markers of Career Intentionality, Confidence in Career Transition, Employability and growth potential, in women professionals. The research proposes a scalable up-skilling framework, that can be adapted across industry domains, keen on building gender diverse talent pools.

The insights are crucial to all stakeholders invested in changing the narrative of women’s workforce participation in the country – industry leaders, aspiring women professionals, policy formulation bodies et.al. Read more about the research here