Understanding The Skills Gap

The nature of work is changing with emerging technologies. It only makes sense for talents like you to keep up with your evolving core skill sets.

Before restarting your professional career or joining a functional workforce for the first time, you should determine what your skill gap is. This move will help you gain more control over your career, either getting ahead or pivoting to a career switch.

Upskilling - A Revolutionary Workplace Trend

In today's VUCA world, educational qualifications have to be supplemented with in-demand skills, hands-on experience and social thinking. This is where upskilling your domain skills come into play.

Upskilling is the evolutionary path of a professional's career trajectory and skills.

With new and advanced skills, you can become future-ready to bend and shift to any changes in the industry. In the future, when offered an opportunity, you can fill the skill gaps within the company by taking over new roles or brand themselves for promotions.

Why myAvtar?

In its journey of two decades, Avtar has hosted and conducted multiple upskilling and training programs for working professionals in collaboration with corporates to help women get back on their feet.

At myAvtar, we envision every talent to have access to the skills that can make them career intentional and help them rise to the fullest of their potential. We believe and recognize the potential that diverse talents like you bring to the table. Enabling and empowering you with the skills, we will make sure you get the opportunities you deserve.

You can choose your avenue of upskilling from a plethora of upskilling programs, networking events and webinars that will be made accessible at myAvtar.

'Please watch this space for Webinars that would be of your interest'