On the hunt for a new job? These 5 companies are hiring!

Author : Sumona Chetia

If you are a job seeker aspiring to work in an inclusive work culture that offers you better work-life integration and more opportunities to grow in your career, chances are good you can find the right fit here at myAvtar.

myAvtar.com diversity job portal is built on the core principle that each of us is unique, and hence our job search is unique too!

Here’s a list of 5 incredible companies that you could work for and are HIRING NOW:

1) Sun Life Asia Service Centre India

Available roles:

ETL Developer

Data Engineer

Life400 Developer

Data Science

Automation Testing

Pega Developer

Salesforce Developer

Last Date to Apply: 31st October 2021

Click here to apply: https://www.myavtar.com/company/details/173

2) Reflections Info Systems

Available roles:

Front-End Developer

PHP Full Stack Developer

Project Manager PHP

Deep Learning Lead

Data Engineer Lead

Data Scientist and many more…

Last Date to Apply: 1st November 2021

Click here to apply: https://www.myavtar.com/company/details/106/10

3) Siam Computing

Available roles:


Front End Engineer

Angular Engineer

Laravel Engineer

Front End Architect

Last Date to Apply: 31st October 2021

Click here to apply: https://www.myavtar.com/company/details/218

4) KritiLabs Technologies Private Ltd.

Available roles:

Firmware Engineer

Technical Support

Last Date to Apply: 1st January 2022

Click here to apply: https://www.myavtar.com/company/details/224

5) Thermo Fischer

Available role:

Software Engineer Test Automation

Last Date to Apply: 30th September 2022

Click here to apply: https://www.myavtar.com/myjobs/details/1507

With the best of jobs from these best employers for aspirants like you, we hope to give a powerful boost to your job search. Wishing you the very best in your career progression!