Five signs of a safe workplace

Author: Janani Sampath

You spend about 1/3rd of our time of a working day at the workplace. Considerably, a chunk of the day goes into interactions, meetings, and liaising, be it in the physical or virtual workplace. It is, therefore, important to assess the safety aspects of the workplace before considering an offer, along with the job profile and pay.

Safe workplaces give you a sense of comfort, belongingness, and ease even as you navigate the dynamics of working life. A safe workplace delves a lot more into the employee experience of contributing and working towards the organization’s goals.

Here are five signs of a safe workplace

Clear expectations:  When the leadership outlines roles and responsibilities, lists out the means to execute them, there is a clear vision for your growth in the organization. It is a win-win situation. Such organizations infuse trust and confidence in you as an employee and motivate you to bring your best to the table.

Psychological well-being: The pandemic has emphasized the importance of mental well-being. The unprecedented times have made the discussions and dialogues around mental health amid meeting targets and goals louder. A safe workplace equips you with resources to stay aware of mental well-being, apart from offering the right interventions like frequent discussions around mental health subjects, seeking constant feedback and engagement programs.

Healthy culture: Every workplace has a distinct culture that resonates with the values they practice. Some of the most sought-after workplaces are the ones that flaunt their values with pride. It could be honesty or integrity, and these are not mere taglines. A positive culture is evident when the organization is truly considerate of your needs and that reflects in the policies.

Work-life mix: Does the work demand you to stay immersed all the time or does it give you the space to do things that rejuvenate you? It is important to know the means available for you to strike a work-life balance. Today many companies bat for work-life integration, which is all about seamlessly alternating between the two. So, you might want to know if the organization and its work policies give you the time and space to pursue things you love.

Recognize and reward: Being acknowledged for the efforts can do wonders. It does not just make you feel valued but also drives you to work hard and exceed expectations. What else can be more motivating than knowing that your efforts are being noticed and appreciated?

Spotting a safe place is essential not just because it guarantees a hassle-free routine but also because it shapes your approach to your career. A workplace that considers your mental health and well-being can help you take on roles and strive to excel in them with confidence. Having a good look at the organizational policies for the above factors can give you a clear picture before signing on the dotted line.