Feeling overwhelmed at work? Take a breather!

Are your to-do lists getting longer, and the days keep getting shorter?

Maybe it’s time for you to take a step back to rejuvenate instead of drowning your complete self in work that’s only quantity but lacking quality.

Here are 5 simple ways to take a breather:

Prioritize Tasks

At first glance, the list of tasks spread out for the day can be overwhelming. So the best way is to jot down the tasks in order of priority. While executing this process, identify important vs urgent. Prioritizing based on urgency will help alleviate the stress to an extent while trying to approach tight deadlines.

Take Short Brain Breaks

Your body and brain need to coordinate well to function better. Schedule into your day short breaks of at least 10 minutes at a time. This shift of energy will work wonders in rejuvenating your body. It also helps in improving your concentration.

Organize your Schedule

While unplanned tasks will line up in your daily work schedule, you can still organize the controllable things. Map out your day. Put in place all the pending work at one go to leave room for tackling last-minute emergencies.

Fuel your Mind

Like your body requires fuel to function, your mind needs it to process information. Your thoughts and ideas are the product of what you feed your mind. Take recreation time between work to ease your mind by reading books or listening to podcasts, whatever suits your interest.

Connect with Others

Human connection is one of the most rewarding things in life. If you are deprived of the desired social interactions in life, loneliness and stress creep in. Connecting with your teammates or engaging in a casual conversation can help you decompress. You can also squeeze in a quick call to your loved ones.

Prioritizing to unwind is essential to sustain at work. Take a look at your list of daily tasks, clear your mind, give yourself some cut-off time and start over again.