Top 3 Interview Trends for Job Seekers

Author : Sumona Chetia

As the pandemic is gradually receding, promoting life to return to normalcy, hiring is also gaining momentum.

While jobs are in plenty, the new recruiting strategies shaped by the pandemic will also impact the most crucial step in acquiring your dream job – the interview process.

Listed below are the 3 interview trends for you to understand in the endeavor to successfully land your dream job.

Job Search beyond traditional methods

In this current virtual world, job aspirants cannot rely solely on their experience-loaded resumes and good cover letters. It’s the age of networking. Job seekers approaching (offline) potential hiring managers and talent acquisition teams is witnessing a sudden surge.

Reach out to them to exhibit your understanding of the role’s needs and how you see yourself fit into those requirements.

Answering “What did you do personally or professionally improve yourself during Covid?”

The answer to this will lie in your capability of storytelling. There is no handbook for any right answer to this question. Did you take an online course? Did you learn a new life hack? Did you commit yourself to social work? Did you decide to devote more family time? Whatever it is, the idea is to deliver the story with empathy and how it translates into a workplace necessary soft skill.

Ask questions to keep the conversation going

Remote job interviews can at times fail to build the rapport between your interviewer and you. So when offered the chance to ask questions, make most of the opportunity. Ensure that you ask highly relevant questions – role, organizational culture, etc. Make this experience a display of your extensive homework and interest in the position and the organization. It will aid in imprinting a long-lasting impression on the interviewer.

Interview trends in a hybrid work model will keep evolving. As a job seeker, you aim to keep yourself abreast with the latest trends. A job interview is your way of analyzing if the role and organization matches your aspirations, the same is with the recruiter who has to decide if you are the right fit. So make sure to keep all your bases covered to accomplish what you came for.