myAvtar Career Conference

Venue: Bangalore
Date / Timing: 20 Apr, 2024 - 20-Apr-2024
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myAvtar Career Conference is designed to enable Women in STEM connect with fellow women professionals, companies and experts from the STEM Industry. The hybrid conference with in-person and virtual sessions shall provide avenues to learn, share and network for growth and opportunities in the STEM field.

Avtar on the forefront of Women’s advancement !

- Avtar with a vision to create 50-50% gender balance in the workplace has launched and spearheaded several initiatives to enable and advance women’s Careers.

- First in India to offer a dedicated Diversity Recruitment Service in 2005 to hire women. More than 200 companies have engaged with Avtar for their Diversity Hiring

- Proposed and evangelized the concept of Women Returnship Programs with the launch of the first ever program in 2006. Today, more than 100 companies have formal programs to hire women on career breaks

- Conducted more than 50 Job Fairs and Recruitment focused partner events with clients to connect and hire women professionals

- Provided job and career opportunities for more than 1,00,000+ women

- Intentional Career Pathing Workshop to enable women plan and navigate their career progress. More than 50,000+ women are pursuing their careers with intent and purpose. 

- Launched the 100 Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) in 2016. Representation of women in the 100 Best Companies has increased from 25% in 2016 to 35% in 2022

- Project Puthri – Career Intentionality Program for girl students in Govt Schools. More than 10,000 girl students have benefited with soft skills training, career guidance and career opportunities with leading corporates in India


Women in STEM – The India Story

- Avtar has a strong track record of conducting research over the past two decades. Research suggests that while there is significant increase in women graduating from schools and colleges, this is not proportionately reflected in their representation in the  workforce.

- With 24% India has one of the lowest women’s workforce participation in the world

- While 43% of STEM graduates are women, they make up only 28% of the workforce in STEM

- Moreover,  women drop out of the workplace due to childbirth, childcare and elder care. Consequently, only 3 per cent of women hold CEO posts in the STEM Industry

- Gender bias, hostile work cultures, lack of role models and mentors further contribute to women quitting the workplace and slowing down their progress in the workplace

- Family and Social Conditioning pushing women to choose careers in Computer and Biological sciences  and not engaging in careers  in physics, chemistry and other core engineering disciplines.

Source: Avtar, National Science Foundation, World Bank, Kelly Global Workforce Insights (KGWI).


myAvtar Career Conference Objectives

- Evangelize and actively promote women careers in STEM

- Showcase career opportunities in STEM

- Recognise and Celebrate Women role models & path breakers in STEM

- Foster Industry – Academia Partnerships for the greater promotion  of Education, Careers & Talent in STEM

- Recognise and Celebrate Organisations & Educational Institutions contributing to the development and advancement of Women in STEM

- Create mentoring and networking opportunities for Women intentional in STEM Career

- Dispel myths, perceived limitations & non-conscious biases around STEM Careers

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